L♡VE Your Body with Pancakes!

Yup… we said it!!! LVE Pancakes!

Most of you have seen them… most of you have tried them… but today we’re going to tell you just how amazing the Tone It Up Pancakes are for you!!!!

A little background story— I first made this recipe in high school! I worked at GNC and a customer that always came in told me if I mix protein powder with egg whites, I can make a bread-like consistency.  So of course, the first thing that came to mind was– PANCAKES!  I made them a lot!  You can ask my college roommates too… pancakes All. The. Time :)  —–> Fast forward to when Karena and I met in California~ We went out together to celebrate her birthday.  When we came home, I made her late night chocolate chip pancakes. When I told her it was made from protein, she almost keeled over (not from the birthday cocktails, but that the pancakes were actually good for her– even late night!! :) That next week we filmed our very first video together!

On to the Pancakes!! This recipe is gluten free, low carb, contains no processed sugar and is made with Perfect Fit Protein ~ our organic and completely natural protein powder that we developed for this community. It’s a raw food, vegan friendly and non-GMO.  We love that this pancake recipe is so simple, easy and healthy, but the best part is how out-of-this world delicious it is!

Getting enough lean protein in your day is an essential part of the Tone It Up Lifestyle~

Your Perfect Fit Pancake will give your body so much love…

Protein helps you bounce back from your workouts to help you repair your lean muscles AND is used in every single function within your body!

Lean muscles fuel your metabolism, which helps you burn fat, and helps to KEEP you leaner!  #MetabolismBaby

Speaking of your metabolism… Protein has a thermic effect in your body!  The calories you take in are burned up breaking down the protein into it’s constituent amino acids! As much as 30%!!  So the 70 Calories from your Raw, Organic, Perfect Fit Protein means it’s actually less than 50 calories!! WOW :) You’re burning up girl– & glowing!

Protein is made up of Amino Acids, and Perfect Fit Protein is comprised of the right amount, in the best ratios so that it is considered a ‘Complete Protein’ which means more of it can be utilised by your body

Amino Acids are the constituent units that bind together in unique and ever-changing sequences to activate and carry out everyday tasks, from brain function, skin elasticity, muscle growth, liver function and  beautiful bouncy hair!

Besides water, the most abundant nutrient in our body is protein

Protein balances your blood sugar levels- making you fuller, longer!  Also keeping you away from insulin spikes, which cause weight gain.

MYTH Buster–protein will not bulk you!  Look above- it increases your metabolism, making you leaner and healthier!  Women need protein.  Our serving size is perfect for a women’s body.  Hence #PerfectFit ;)

What about WHEY protein powder?? Whey is a leftover dairy bi-product of milk and cheese production.  This explains the gas and bloating after consuming whey. It’s also normally accompanied by chemicals and processed ‘crap’… read your labels ladies!  This is why we created Perfect Fit for you- it only has 5 organic ingredients and is plant based- vegan friendly!

Want to know a little secret? ;) Karena and I don’t just make pancakes for breakfast. Shhh… This is a great way to refuel your body after a workout, so enjoy this comforting treat whenever the mood strikes!  It works with every single meal on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!!  Just replace the half banana with 1/4 of an avocado or 1 tsp of coconut oil to give it moisture– BAM!  You have your meal 4.  Or you can make mini chocolate pancakes for dessert by adding 1/4 of an avocado in place of the banana, replace the vanilla almond milk with chocolate almond milk and add 1 tsp of cocoa powder.  As you can tell— we’ve experimented a LOT!  And yes, they can be waffles, cookies, brownies- anything that has flour.

We love seeing all of you enjoy your delicious pancakes!!!  Browse all the pics here of You with Perfect Fit Protein!! Follow Perfect Fit too- We are always having fun giveaways, and big announcements!

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PS- Seeing your pictures makes us so happy!!! It was a lot of hard work to develop Perfect Fit Protein and 2 years to launch it for this community… so as you can imagine, seeing all of you with it in your homes means the world to us!! We love the protein bars, smoothies, pancakes, cookies and goodies you create!! There are so many exciting things to come with this brand – so thank YOU for supporting us and in believing in us!! Whatever it is that this community says they want – we will do our very best to make it HAPPEN!!! Even if it takes us years and sleepless nights – the satisfaction we receive in seeing all of you happy with an honest product is what motivates us!!


Karena & Katrina

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