5 Reasons to L♡VE Your Body with Chia

We L♡VE Chia Seeds! These tiny black (or white!) seeds are an amazing super food packed with so many essential nutrients.

These seeds are perfect to use in just about anything for an added crunch! We love them in baked goods, smoothies, sprinkled on top of yogurt, cereal, fruit and salads. And unlike flax seeds, there’s no need to grind them first. Enjoy them just as they are. Easy, right?

Here’s 5 reasons to Love Your Body with Chia….

A rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, chia seeds give you the necessary nutrients for gorgeous hair, healthy nails, and smooth, glowing skin! Beauty starts on the inside ;)

With 5 grams of protein per ounce, chia seeds are an amazing source of plant-based protein. Protein is an essential macronutrient needed for almost every function in your body. It even aids in weight control, and is a must for building lean muscle. Add chia to your diet, and make those BootyCall sweat sessions work for you.

They’re a great source of fiber. This helps keep you feeling full, controlling hunger and balancing your appetite. It also means less sneaky snack attacks. Fiber helps regulate your system, which will contribute to detoxing! A great choice after a party or fun night out.

High in magnesium, potassium and calcium! These essential nutrients keep your body healthy and energized for your Tone It Up workouts, and who doesn’t want more energy?

The coolest thing about Chia seeds? They have the ability to absorb 10 times their weight in liquid, creating a unique gel that is incredibly hydrating and satisfying! Use chia seeds to make a vegan pudding or add some thickness to your smoothies. Have your tried your Morning Buzz Smoothie yet?

Take a look here for more of our favorite ways to use Chia Seeds!

Did you know chia seeds are an ancient secret to strength & endurance? They have been traditionally used as an important food source in Mexico and Central America for thousands of years. They were even a main food source for Aztec warriors!

#EatYourHeartOut and add a little warrior power to your body this week! Make sure to share your favorite chia seed recipes with your team and Check in with us on the Tone It Up Community,FacebookTwitterInstagram and let us know how you use chia seeds!


Your Trainers & Certified Nutrition Coaches,

Karena & Katrina

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